Physician Services

Our team of caring physicians have years of experience with opioid addiction and Suboxone treatment. They work diligently to help individuals rebuild aspects of their lives that have been damaged by addiction.  Understanding the pathways of addiction can be complex and relapse may occur. In the event this occurs, our physicians and counselors will take a team approach and strengthen the patient’s skills to combat the triggers.

Individual and Group Counseling

Because there is a clear connection between substance abuse and mental health, individual and group counseling is provided to help individuals stay on the path to recovery. The focus of both is stopping substance use, skill building, adhering to the recovery plan as well as  exploring social, family, and professional/educational outcomes. Let our team of experienced physicians and counselors help you on your journey today. 

Recovery Support Services

Our recovery support services are provided by our counseling team and include referrals and resources for employment needs such as resume building or job applications. These services also include resources for housing, transportation, healthcare, childcare or other needs in Murfreesboro and surrounding counties. Because we believe in treating the whole person, this service is available to all patients at no additional cost.

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